Change Your Microsoft Office Theme Color

Everyone likes to customize their computer with things such as changing their desktop background or adding a theme to Windows itself. But how about customizing the look of your programs? That may… Read More

Windows System Image Backup

Backups are an essential task that everyone needs to do in order to prevent yourself from losing valuable information and files on your computer. Many people will backup their files onto something… Read More

Win+X Menu Editor for Windows 8

So you have your shiny new Windows 8 computer and are trying to figure out how things work compared to your old say Windows XP system that finally had to be replaced.… Read More

How To Find Your IP Address

IP addresses are used with TCP/IP networks to allow communication between different networked devices such as computers and printers. It’s also required to be able to communicate on the Internet. Each device… Read More

What is the BIOS?

There is more to making a computer work than just installing an operating system such as Windows for example. There are settings and configurations that need to be done correctly on your… Read More

Using Previous Versions (Shadow Copies)

Shadow Copies or Previous Versions is a feature that was normally used for Windows Server operating system but is also available for Windows desktop versions. It allows you to go back to… Read More

Using Google to Perform Calculations

Google is the most popular search engine in the world and that’s because its clean, easy to use interface offers great results and lets you find what you need without a bunch… Read More

Windows Wireless Connection Management

Many people use wireless routers at home these days to get their internet connection on portable devices like laptops so they don’t have to be plugged in with a cable into their… Read More

Windows ReadyBoost

ReadyBoost is a Windows feature that allows you to speed up your computer by using external USB flash drives and flash memory cards as additional memory which your computer will use as… Read More

Norton Power Eraser

Most people have heard of Norton antivirus and know that their antivirus software is a popular choice for virus protection and it’s installed on millions of computers. But that is not the… Read More
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