Top 15 Best Graphic Design Tools To Try In 2021

Which is the right graphic design software for you?


Different brands require good and stunning designs to pass a message to their audience. This is even more important with the rise in digital space. There’s no more need to have more skilled people in visual communications for online representation of brands. Whatever the reason is that you need a design, these are some of the best graphic design tools that you can try out in 2021.

1. Adobe Photoshop
This tool is as old as 30 years, but it’s still one of the best graphic design tools for professionals and beginners alike. It has numerous functionalities that mark it out among the best. Photoshop lets you show your creativity in many ways and is available on smartphones, desktops, and tablets. They even offer a free logo creation tool that you can use online.

2. Adobe Illustrator
This is a very popular design tool for vector projects and is popularly viewed as the industry standard. It can be used for different kinds of work, such as video games, website mockups, logos, etc. It comes with different effects, filters, and tools for users to create accurate and perfectly scalable artwork.

3. Adobe Lightroom
This tool has a basic interface that is simple and easy to learn even though it doesn’t have as many features and abilities as Adobe Photoshop. It does have the features that allow you to edit images in bulk. It’s easy to apply presets to numerous images.

Top 15 Best Graphic Design Tools To Try In 2021

4. Procreate
This tool is only available for the iPhone and iPad, which is perhaps its most significant disadvantage. Apart from this, it is a great tool to create beautiful and stunning graphics. According to a custom essay service, this tool can serve cartoonists, illustrators, and digital painters and complement other design tools well.

5. Adobe Indesign
This tool works best when used to create print materials such as newspapers, books, flyers, magazines, and brochures. So, it is more popular with writers, publishers, and the likes. It can also be used for ad banners, newsletters, and other types of digital creations.

6. Looka
This is a great logo-creation tool with logo templates, color schemes, symbols, and logo generators to create something brilliant. If you are a beginner, you could begin with this tool and learn.

7. Venngage
This visual tool uses a drag-and-drop editor, is intuitive, and is built with thousands of infographic templates that are custom-designed. The Venngage tool is versatile, allowing users to create images for their ebooks, posters, blog posts, etc.

8. Affinity Photo
The one-time purchase feature of Affinity Photo makes it an exciting option as it is affordable. However, it also has a couple of great features that make it a reliable and quality tool. This tool’s features allow you to fine-tune and fettle images, revealing more details of the picture.

9. Affinity Designer
This famous vector graphic design tool has several advanced features to create branding, icons, web design, illustrations, digital painting, typography, etc. It also comes with zooming features that users use to ensure accuracy. Like its sister tool, Affinity Photo, it also has a one-time purchase pricing, which is a huge advantage.

10. Canva
This is one of the most popular software for image editing for small business owners and marketers, which is quite obvious. The interface is simple and easy to use and has a free tier with numerous features. Canva allows you to create impressive typography, layer images, and color in different ways. It usually produces stunning graphics with high quality, proportion, and style.

11. Vectornator
This vector graphic software is built for iPhones and iPads. The simple interface means that even design novices can use it with ease even though it has all the tools that professional designers need for their vector design. These include alignment tools, unlimited layers, live blend models, auto-trace, color profiles, etc.

12. Pixlr
This photo editor tool already competes with many other desktop apps even though it’s an online tool available for free. It has a user-friendly interface that makes it very easy to use, and the functionality only gets better with constant improvement made and premium features added.

13. Visme
This is an online tool for users to create beautiful infographics, documents, and presentations. It is easy to use for non-designers and designers. It has numerous assets such as data visualization tools, illustrations.

14. Vectr
This tool can help you edit your logo or icon without having to look for desktop apps. It is a web-based tool that anyone can use and learn from. So, if you want to do quick edits that don’t require high-end applications and their advanced features, Vectr is your go-to tool.

15. DesignEvo
With DesignEvo, you can create graphics and logos very quickly and with ease. It has over 10,000 templates for you to choose from and customize to your taste.


There are many graphic design tools that you can try out in 2021, but these, for me, are the top 15 of them.


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