Using Event Viewer to Troubleshoot Problems

The Windows Event Viewer is a handy built in Windows utility to diagnose problems with your computers and servers. The Event Viewer keeps a log of what is going on with your… Read More

Disable the “Speed up browsing by disabling add-ons” Message in Internet Explorer

As Microsoft "improves" its Internet Explorer web browser they make changes for security and performance improvements. But as they make these changes we end users have to deal with adjusting the browser… Read More

Word Hyperlinks Change When File is Copied to New Location

Word will use either relative or absolute hyperlinks when creating these links in your documents. Relative hyperlinks contain an address that is relative to the address of the destination file. It doesn’t… Read More

3 Ways Gamers Can Get the Most Performance Out of Their Computer

PC gaming is perhaps the most rewarding platform for gamers. Computers tailored specifically for gaming are able to produce stunning visuals and can provide much better graphics than consoles can. However, not… Read More

Finding Duplicate Cell Values in Excel

If you are a serious Excel user and have huge spreadsheets with a lot of data in them then managing your data can be a real task. If you need to worry… Read More

Windows Server Commands

With the introduction of Windows Server 2003 came some new command line utilities designed to make server and network administration easier. Plus most of the earlier Windows commands are there as well.… Read More

LogMeIn Remote Computer Access

Access to remote computers over the internet is becoming more popular as broadband internet speeds increase and people are becoming more computer savvy. Being able to control your work computer from home… Read More

Sharing Folders and Printers

If you have two or more computers networked together at home or work there most likely will be a time when you want to get a file or folder off of one… Read More

Four Tips for Avoiding and Solving Common Broadband Problems

Since broadband offers instant access to email, work, video chats and online data storage sites, people are becoming increasingly reliant on its presence in their lives. As a result, it can be… Read More

Using the Print Screen Key

If you use the Print Screen key on your keyboard frequently then you would think everyone would know how to use it since it’s so easy. Knowing how to use the Print… Read More
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