File Manager UNC Path to Printer

Fix for the Windows Cannot Connect to the Printer Error 0x0000011b

If you have multiple computers on a network, then it makes sense that you would want to share your printers between them rather than have each computer require its own printer. Many… Read More
gaming laptop overheating

The Top Reasons Gaming Laptops Overheat

Does your gaming laptop Overheat when you play high-end games for an extended amount of time? You really should know the reasons why your gaming laptop is overheating. This guide will help… Read More

How To Find Suitable IT Support for Your Business

  Do you work in IT? Or are you a small business owner with an IT department? If yes, then this article is for you! It’s very likely that at some point… Read More

How to Solve Common MacBook Air Problems

Is your MacBook running as well as it could be?   MacBooks are quite reliable, and it is easy to believe that you will not encounter problems. This is especially the case… Read More

Save And Recover Data With These 8 Maintenance Tips

Secure your data before its too late!   Whether you use your computer for business or fun, you’ll agree that few things are more frustrating than losing data because of software problems,… Read More

How to Fix Your Windows Computer Name When it Shows the Old Hostname

Make your computer’s name display correctly everywhere!   Most Windows power users know how to change the name of their computer from the default name that Windows gives it during the installation.… Read More

7 Basic But Effective Troubleshooting Technique for Your Computer

PC troubleshooting techniques for everyone   To many of us, our computers are like our best friends. We do so many things with them and have become very reliant on them. So,… Read More

Computer Troubleshooting Tips and Tricks for Students

How good are your PC troubleshooting skills?   Students face multiple difficulties when they study. Most of them are solved using their own strength and knowledge. Some of them are solved thanks… Read More

What Do You Need to Know about iBoysoft Data Recovery for Windows?

Are you prepared for a hard drive crash?   Most people in today’s world prefer to keep a treasure trove of important files digitally stored, including vacation pictures, working documents, financial spreadsheets,… Read More

Unexplained Shutdowns Can be Flukes or Something Far Worse

What is causing your computer to crash?   Whether it’s your car, your computer, smartphone or heaven’s forbid an airplane, there’s no worse sensation then the random, unexplained shutdown. For power computer… Read More
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