Disable Server Manager from Loading at Startup in Windows 2008 Server

If you are running a Windows 2008 Server at your workplace or even at home I’m sure you have noticed that the Server Manager console starts up every time you boot your… Read More

Disable the Shutdown Event Tracker in Windows Server & Check Shutdown Events

If you work with the Server versions of the Windows operating system I’m sure you have noticed that you can’t shut down or reboot your server without telling Windows why you are… Read More

Windows Backup and Restore Center

Everyone knows how important it is to backup your computer, right? Not everyone does this because they may not know how to do it or may think they need to buy extra… Read More

Using Find and Replace

Any computer power user at some point needs to either find some text in a document or replace text within a document. For example let’s say you have a document with a… Read More

Clearing Your IE History and Changing History Options

All web browsers keep a history of websites that you have gone to. If you have multiple user accounts on one computer then there is normally history kept for each user so… Read More

Importing and Exporting Your Internet Explorer Favorites

  Nowadays everyone uses the internet to do things such as shop, check the weather, go on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter as well as do countless other things.… Read More

Set a Caps Lock Alarm

As you may know the caps lock key will lock the keyboard so every letter you type is a capitol letter rather than you having to hold down Shift while typing that… Read More

Windows Server 2008 Overview

Windows Server 2008 is the latest Windows Server operating system. With Server 2008 you can develop, deliver, and manage rich user experiences and applications, provide a highly secure network infrastructure, and increase… Read More

Changing Your Default Internet Explorer Home Page

When you open Internet Explorer or any other web browser, the first page you see is called your home page. This is usually set to a website that you use most often… Read More

Windows Local Security Policy Settings

Windows 2000 and higher versions allow you to adjust the local security settings for a particular computer. If the computer was part of a domain on a network then these settings would… Read More
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