Setting Windows AutoPlay Options

You may have noticed that when you do things such as put a CD or DVD in your drive or plug in your digital camera that Windows asks you what you want… Read More

How To Switch Your Personal Computing From Windows To Linux

About ten years ago I was trying to help my uncle to reduce the IT costs of running his small home based office. His computer was old and Windows 98 was running… Read More

Windows Accessibility Options

Accessibility options are a part of the Windows operating system and help computer users with things such as hearing and vision issues use their computers with less trouble making it a more… Read More

How to Disable the Print Notification Message in Windows

Almost everyone who has a computer has printed some sort of document or picture. You may print to a locally attached printer or a networked or shared printer. Either way Windows likes… Read More

Disable the Volume Adjustment Beep

Have you ever noticed that when you adjust your volume using the volume control on the taskbar/system tray that it beeps at you every time you make a change? This can get… Read More

Windows Explorer Favorites (or Quick Access)

I’m sure you are familiar with Internet Explorer favorites which are used to keep track of your favorite websites in your browser so you have easy access to them when you want… Read More

Edit Your MP3 Tag Information

I’m sure you have noticed when playing an MP3 on your MP3 player or computer that it knows the name of the song, band, and album and so on and displays that… Read More

Printer Sharing in Windows

Now that many people have multiple computers in their home they are starting to look more into sharing resources like printers rather than buying one for each computer. If your computers at… Read More

How to Add More Games to Windows

As you may know, Windows comes with some built in games such as the classic Solitaire and Minesweeper. But now there are more new and improved games that are included with newer… Read More

Configuring Windows Parental Controls

If you have kids at home who use your computer then I’m sure you do not want them to be able to use the computer in the same ways you do with… Read More
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