AbiWord Free Word Processor

AbiWord is a free word processing program that can be used to open and edit popular file formats such as Microsoft Word .doc and .docx files. It’s a great alternative to using… Read More

Speccy System Information Utility

Some people know what hardware is in their computer or at least have a good idea of what’s under the hood. But many people buy their computers from the store already put… Read More

Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer

The Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer (MBSA) allows you to assess the administrative vulnerabilities present on one or multiple computers on your network. MBSA scans the specified computers and then generates a report… Read More

Find Older Versions of Popular Software

Just because something is new doesn’t always mean it’s better than the older version, especially when it comes to software. Plus there may come a time when you get some new software… Read More

Google Chrome Task Manager

Google Chrome is a popular web browser that many people use instead of or in addition to Windows Internet Explorer browser. Chrome uses processes to run things such as web pages and… Read More

NoteTab Text Editor

NoteTab is a powerful text and HTML editor. It is much more powerful than the built in Notepad program that comes with Windows that most people use to edit text files. NoteTab… Read More

VMware Workstation Virtualization Software

VMware Workstation works by mapping the physical hardware resources to the virtual machine’s resources using the virtualization layer. By doing this, the virtual machines have their own CPU, memory, disks, and other… Read More

Display Your Users PC and Network Configuration on Their Desktops

If you manage multiple computers or servers it may be hard to keep track of which desktop you are looking at if you use something like a KVM or remote connection to… Read More

Xilisoft Ripper Pack Platinum CDDVD Burning Software

You have many choices when it comes to CD and DVD burning software for making music, data and movie disks. Some of the more popular software titles come from Roxio and Nero… Read More

7-Zip File Compression Software

Ask any computer power user and they will tell you how handy it is to be able to compress or zip multiple files into a single file or archive for doing things… Read More
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