Recuva File Recovery Utility

Everyone at some point or another has deleted a file or files that they didn’t mean to delete. Most of the time you can just go to the Recycle Bin and restore… Read More

Image Resizer Tool for Windows

Anyone who has a digital camera or smartphone has emailed a picture or pictures to someone at one point or another. With today’s high megapixel cameras and their large file size it… Read More

RoboCopy GUI File Replication Utility

Now you can replicate those directories with a GUI Robocopy (Robust File Copy) is a directory replication tool and was command line only at first. It is part of the Windows Resource… Read More

TreeSize Disk Space Diagnostic Tool

If you are a power computer user then you most likely have a lot of programs installed on your computer and have a lot of files stored on your hard drive. Nowadays… Read More

Configuring Mozilla FireFox Options

Firefox is popular web browser software similar to Internet Explorer that comes with Windows. It has many of the same features and many people like it better than IE since it seems… Read More

How to Change Your Thunderbird Email Password

Most people associate Mozilla with their popular Firefox web browser. But they also make an email client called Thunderbird that you can use with just about any POP3 or IMAP email account.… Read More

Clean Your PC With Ccleaner

Keeping your computer maintained is an important part in making sure its always running at its best. Over time, temporary files and registry entries build up which can bog your computer down… Read More

PDFsam PDF Editor

PDF (Portable Document Format) files have been around for many years and are commonly used for emailing documents because of their compact size and the ability to secure them from being altered.… Read More

SpaceSniffer for Windows

Have you ever wondered what was using up your hard drive space? Or have you come across a time when your hard drive was full and you couldn’t tell what was using… Read More

Defraggler Disk Defragmenter

When it comes to keeping your computer running at its best, one task you should do on a regular basis is defrag your hard drive. When a hard drive becomes fragmented the… Read More
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