Xilisoft Ripper Pack Platinum CDDVD Burning Software

You have many choices when it comes to CD and DVD burning software for making music, data and movie disks. Some of the more popular software titles come from Roxio and Nero… Read More

7-Zip File Compression Software

Ask any computer power user and they will tell you how handy it is to be able to compress or zip multiple files into a single file or archive for doing things… Read More

Clean Your PC With SecureClean

Computer security is a major issue nowadays with more and more hackers trying to gain access to your personal data to use for their crimes. If you use your computer for personal… Read More

Burning Movie DVDs with Windows DVD Maker

Nowadays everyone who has a computer is a movie producer, or at least thinks they are. If you are not one of those make your own DVD movies and show them to… Read More

Videozilla Video File Converter

There are many different types of file formats for movie files that you will come across. Different cameras and smartphones use different formats and there is no real consistency when it comes… Read More

Convert a Bin File to an ISO File with Magic ISO

Software comes in a variety of formats such as on a CD or DVD or as executable file (.exe) that you download off the Internet. Nowadays many software packages come as ISO… Read More

Running Linux and Windows on the Same Computer

If you have ever wanted to try out the Linux operating system but don’t want to setup a separate computer, add another hard drive or try to re-partition your current hard drive… Read More

AddonFox for Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is a popular web browser that many people use instead of or in addition to Windows Internet Explorer browser. One of the nice things about Firefox is that it allows… Read More

Windows Sysinternals

Sysinternals are a group of utilities to help you manage, troubleshoot and diagnose your Windows systems and applications. Microsoft acquired Sysinternals in 1996 and offers these tools free of charge for people… Read More

Ultimate Windows Tweaker for Windows Vista and 7

Customizing Windows has become a favorite thing to do for many Windows power users. Customizing your Windows installation allows you to configure your computer exactly the way you like it so it… Read More
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