Assign a Static IP Address to a Microsoft Azure Virtual Machine

Use a Static IP Address on an Azure Virtual Machine Azure is Microsoft’s cloud service platform similar to Amazon Web Services (AWS) that allows you not only the ability to store your… Read More

Create a Hyper-V Virtual Machine

Create a Virtual Machine in Microsoft Hyper-V If you have been in the IT field for any length of time you most likely have heard the term virtualization thrown around when talking… Read More

Enable the Copy and Paste Functionality Between the Host and Guest VMs in VirtualBox

Enable the Copy and Paste Functionality in your VirtualBox VMs If you use any kind of virtualization software on a regular basis such as VMware’s vSphere or Microsoft’s Hyper-V then you know… Read More

Change the Default Office Save Options

Microsoft uses default open and save options for its Office programs just like they use default fonts and styles for their Office documents. For most people this is ok and they will… Read More

How to Change your MAC Address

Easily Change you Computer’s MAC Address Every device that connects to a network, whether it’s an internal network or external network such as the Internet has a MAC Address (media access control… Read More

Configure the Windows Screensaver Slideshow

Windows has had built in screensavers since the beginning of Windows and if you have ever played around with them you might have noticed that you can configure a slideshow screensaver that… Read More

YouTube Changes Video Monetization Requirements

YouTube taking money away from the little guys I’m sure you have noticed that when you watch pretty much any YouTube video these days that there will be some kind of ad… Read More

Searching for Files and Folders

Fine tune your Windows searches to easily find the files and folders you are looking for If you use your computer for more than just searching the Internet and checking email then… Read More

How to Secure a Folder in Windows

Create a private secured folder that only you can access Many computer users share their computer with other people and yet don’t want to share all of their personal files. Windows computers… Read More

PCUnlocker Windows Password Reset Software

Reset lost Windows passwords with PCUnlocker Passwords have been a way of life for a long time now. Maybe not as much as before computers when they were something everyone had but… Read More
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