Remove Google Chrome Extensions Installed by Enterprise Policy

Remove those unwanted Google Chrome extensions We all know what a web browser is and most of us know there are different browsers out there to choose from such as Internet Explorer,… Read More

Using Taskkill to Kill Stubborn ProcessesPrograms

Kill stubborn tasks that refuse to die with Taskkill Everyone who has ever used Microsoft Windows has had a program freeze up on there and if you say you have not then… Read More

Why does my computer freeze up and crash?

Why does my computer freeze up and crash? There are many reasons a computer can freeze up and it can be quite challenging trying to find the reason. These types of problems… Read More

CPU-Z Hardware Information Utility

Unless you are the type that builds your own computers you may have no idea what type of hardware you have inside of yours. Then again you might not really care! Sure… Read More

Windows Problem Steps Recorder

If you are in the computer field or are unfortunate enough to be your friends and family’s go to computer person them I’m sure there have been many times where you have… Read More

Understanding Blue Screen or Stop Errors

Blue Screen errors (Also known as bug checks) can occur on computers running Microsoft Windows when the system encounters a condition that compromises safe Windows operations. As a result, the system is… Read More

Windows Resource Monitor

Windows Resource Monitor is a tool to help you see your system resources are and find out what processes and services are using them. The resources are monitored in real time; making… Read More

Computer Won’t Boot or Starts Slow

There can be many reasons why your computer doesn’t want to boot up or takes an unreasonable amount of time to start up. It is impossible to figure out the cause without… Read More

Windows Troubleshooting Tool

Everyone has problems with their computer at some point or another. It doesn’t matter if you are using Windows, Linux or Mac as your operating system. Computers are not perfect and they… Read More

Viewing and Troubleshooting Windows Services

The Windows operating system runs on services and can’t function without them. There are many services running at all times with services depending on other services to run. Window has its own… Read More
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