Computer Troubleshooting Tips and Tricks for Students

How good are your PC troubleshooting skills?   Students face multiple difficulties when they study. Most of them are solved using their own strength and knowledge. Some of them are solved thanks… Read More

What Do You Need to Know about iBoysoft Data Recovery for Windows?

Are you prepared for a hard drive crash?   Most people in today’s world prefer to keep a treasure trove of important files digitally stored, including vacation pictures, working documents, financial spreadsheets,… Read More

Unexplained Shutdowns Can be Flukes or Something Far Worse

What is causing your computer to crash?   Whether it’s your car, your computer, smartphone or heaven’s forbid an airplane, there’s no worse sensation then the random, unexplained shutdown. For power computer… Read More

How has Technology Revolutionized Education?

Join the Technology Revolution!   Technology has almost touched all industries. It not only changed the way of working but also made it quite interesting and easier. Take the automobile industry for… Read More

3 Ways to Get Into Safe Mode in Windows 10

Boot Your Computer Into Safe Mode to Troubleshoot Issues Windows has a special startup mode called Safe Mode that allows you to boot your computer with a minimal amount of drivers loaded… Read More

Booting With the Windows DVD to Run Repair Utilities

Boot With Your Windows DVD To Repair Windows Problems Windows can be hard enough to troubleshoot when things go wrong most likely because there are so many things that can possibly go… Read More

Missing Programs on the Windows 10 Start Menu

Get All Of Your Programs To Show Up On Your Windows 10 Start Menu If you are running Windows 10 then you most likely have notices the new and maybe not so… Read More

Windows Safe Mode and Recovery Options

Learn about Windows 10 Safe Mode and recovery options As Microsoft makes advancements with each version of Windows they tend to make changes in the way things are done and sometimes it… Read More

Using Resultant Set of Policies (RSOP) to See What Policies are Applied to Your Computer

Check your computer’s applied policies with the Resultant Set of Policies console Group policies have been used in Windows for many years now and their purpose is to tune the configuration of… Read More
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