NTFS Permissions

File and folder permissions are used in Windows to secure data and prevent unauthorized access to that data by people who are not supposed to have access to it. Other operating systems… Read More

IP Address Already Assigned to Another Adapter Error

When you trying to set a static IP address on a network card, you may receive the following error message: The IP address xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx you have entered for this network adapter is… Read More

DSL vs. Cable Internet

High speed Internet or broadband Internet as it’s commonly referred to lets you surf the web and download files at much higher speeds than you could back when your only choice was… Read More

EASEUS Partition Master Software

Partitioning of a hard drive is when you take a single physical hard drive and divide it into logical partitions or sections. For example if you have a 500GB hard drive you… Read More

Digital (DVI) vs. Analog (VGA) Monitor Connections

Just like with your TV, you want to get the best possible picture or image quality on your computer as well. What determines that is the monitor, video card and type of… Read More

Using Windows Remote Assistance

Computer users often have configuration problems or usage questions that are difficult to support professional over the telephone. Remote Assistance provides a way for users to get the help they need and… Read More

Windows Sysinternals

Sysinternals are a group of utilities to help you manage, troubleshoot and diagnose your Windows systems and applications. Microsoft acquired Sysinternals in 1996 and offers these tools free of charge for people… Read More

How to Disable the Print Notification Message in Windows

Almost everyone who has a computer has printed some sort of document or picture. You may print to a locally attached printer or a networked or shared printer. Either way Windows likes… Read More

Disable the Volume Adjustment Beep

Have you ever noticed that when you adjust your volume using the volume control on the taskbar/system tray that it beeps at you every time you make a change? This can get… Read More

Ultimate Windows Tweaker for Windows

Customizing Windows has become a favorite thing to do for many Windows power users. Customizing your Windows installation allows you to configure your computer exactly the way you like it so it… Read More
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