Changing Folder Appearance and Other Icons

Windows allows you to customize all kinds of things within the operating system to make it look and feel the way you want it to as well as make it easier to… Read More

Add a Background Watermark to Your Word Document

Microsoft Word allows you to add watermarks to your documents. Watermarks are light images or text that behind regular text in your document. I’m sure you have seen one of those documents… Read More

Disable Server Manager from Loading at Startup in Windows 2008 Server

If you are running a Windows 2008 Server at your workplace or even at home I’m sure you have noticed that the Server Manager console starts up every time you boot your… Read More

Disable the Shutdown Event Tracker in Windows Server & Check Shutdown Events

If you work with the Server versions of the Windows operating system I’m sure you have noticed that you can’t shut down or reboot your server without telling Windows why you are… Read More

Fixes For Missing Windows System Files

We have all received an error message from our computer at one point or another. Some are pretty self explanatory and therefore easy to fix. Others sound like they were written in… Read More

Windows Backup and Restore Center

Everyone knows how important it is to backup your computer, right? Not everyone does this because they may not know how to do it or may think they need to buy extra… Read More

Using Find and Replace

Any computer power user at some point needs to either find some text in a document or replace text within a document. For example let’s say you have a document with a… Read More

Easy Access to Frequently Used Office Documents

Many Windows programs will keep a history of the most recently accessed files that you have opened within that program. This gives you a quick way to re-open files that you use… Read More

Red Eye Remover

Don’t you hate it when you take that perfect picture of someone and it gets ruined by the dreaded red eye showing up in the picture? This can be caused by the… Read More

Software Errors

I’m sure at some point while using your computer at work or at home you have encountered some sort of error message or crash while trying to get your work done. This… Read More
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