Show Folders in the Left Pane of Windows Explorer in Windows

Many of us spent years on older versions of Windows such as Windows XP and 2000 and when Windows 7 and Vista came out Microsoft changed the way Windows Explorer looked and… Read More

Videozilla Video File Converter

There are many different types of file formats for movie files that you will come across. Different cameras and smartphones use different formats and there is no real consistency when it comes… Read More

Convert a Bin File to an ISO File with Magic ISO

Software comes in a variety of formats such as on a CD or DVD or as executable file (.exe) that you download off the Internet. Nowadays many software packages come as ISO… Read More

There Was a Problem Sending the Command to the Program Error in Excel

As you may have noticed, Windows and Windows based software will give you errors from time to time. Sometimes the errors will give you enough information as to where you can go… Read More

Removing and Preventing Spyware Infections

Spyware, often called Malware or Adware is becoming an ever increasingly difficult nuisance to deal with when you are trying to maintain a smooth running computer. Spyware is software that obtains your… Read More

How a CD-ROM Drive Works

A CD-ROM drive (Compact Disk – Read Only Memory) is a type of device used by your computer to read CDs. These CDs are used for a variety of purposes such as… Read More

Create an Outlook Email Signature

Outlook email signatures are text and or images that are placed in the body of an email message commonly used for things such as showing a person’s name, title, address, phone number… Read More

Office Tips and Tricks

There are many useful and unique Microsoft Office tips and tricks you can try to enhance your Office skills or even make using Office more fun. Many of the tricks you can… Read More

A DIY Guide to Replacing A Laptop Computer Screen

A laptop computer without a properly working screen is pretty much useless. Laptop screens can fail for many reasons; they may become damaged (from a fall or spill) or develop internal problems… Read More

How a Laser Printer Works

Almost everyone who has a computer has printed or has had the need to print something at some time whether it’s been a document or picture etc. When it comes to printers,… Read More
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