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There are many ways to get viruses and spyware infections on your computer. You can get them from opening an affected file attachment in an email, from a program you downloaded off the internet and even just from visiting a malicious website. As a general rule you should stay away from any websites with content that may be considered unsafe such as pirated music and software sites. Symantec who is best known for their Norton Antivirus software has come up with a service to help you stay away from websites that may have a negative impact on your computer.

Norton Safe Web is a useful web security service from Symantec. Their service analyzes websites to see how they will affect your computer. All you need to do is enter a URL (website address) into the site address box and it will tell you whether or not the site is safe for you to visit based on their testing results. It will check for things such as computer threats, identity threats and annoyance factors.

After you click on the search icon it will show you the results of the query and let you know if the site is safe or not as well as show any reviews about the site that were posted by other visitors.

If you use the Norton Toolbar on your computer, it will let you know how safe a website is before you view it. Keep in mind that not all websites will be rated and it is most likely not 100% accurate so you still need to be careful when surfing the web. You can also sign up for a free account and submit questionable sites to Symantec yourself. If you are a website owner you can submit your site for review or challenge any bad ratings your site may have received.

You can visit the Norton Safe Web site here

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