PerfectDisk Defragmentation Software

Computer maintenance should be something everyone does on a regular basis so that their computer will be running as efficiently as it can while giving you’re the best performance possible. There are many regular tasks you should do such as disk cleanup and virusspyware scans.

When it comes to keeping your hard drive performing at its best, keeping it defragmented is an essential maintenance task to keep on top of. Of course Windows has a built in defragmenter but it doesn’t as good of a job as other third party defragmentation software.

This is where PerfectDisk comes in. PerfectDisk Defragmentation Software organizes files according to usage patterns and eliminates most fragmentation before it happens. Defragmentation takes data on your hard drive and rearranges it into a chronological order so when your computer accesses the hard drive doesn’t have to search all over the disk to find what it’s looking for. The more it has to search for data the longer it takes for your computer to do what it needs to do. 



PerfecDisk can also optimize your boot time by 20% to make your computer boot faster. Other features include an automatic defrag feature where it will defragment your drives in the background without affecting processing time for other applications. You can also select which types of files to defrag for a quick defrag. It also offers the ability to do scheduling of your defragmentation.

PerfectDisk offers a home version for $30 as well as a Professional version for $40 with additional features such as BlockViewer which visualizes the contents of a block to quickly identify and eliminate fragmentation and Space Management Reports which analyze space distribution of file and folders. They also have a version for your Windows Home Server environment.

Check out PerfectDisk on their website.

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