Find Out What Error Codes Mean Using Error Messages for Windows

There are many different error codes for all kinds of Windows errors. It can be overwhelming trying to figure out what they all mean. There is a free utility called Error Messages… Read More

Windows Administrative Tools

Most of the Windows Server and Professional desktop operating systems provide a comprehensive set of tools that you can use to manage many of the behind the scene applications and settings used… Read More

The MSI Must Be Launched Through Setup Error When Installing Norton Antivirus

When you try to install Norton Internet Security, Norton Personal Firewall, Norton AntiVirus or Symantec AntiVirus you may get an error message that says “The MSI must be launched through setup” and… Read More

Setting File Associations

I’m sure you have noticed that at the end of your files there is usually a dot or period and then 3 letters or numbers such as Report.xls. This is what is… Read More

Netsetup.cpl Error When Opening a Control Panel Item

The Windows Control Panel is where you will find many of the utilities that you will use to configure and manage your computer such as software and user management, firewall settings, mouse… Read More

Symantec’s Spyware/Adware Classifications

Most people who use a computer and have an Internet connection has either experienced or at least heard of spyware. But all of these people may not know exactly what is meant… Read More

Enabling and Using Shadow Copies on Windows Server

Microsoft offers a nice feature with their server operating system called Shadow Copies that makes it easy and quick to get a previous version of a file or folder without having to… Read More

How to Perform a Repair Installation of Windows XP

If you cannot get your Windows XP computer started and have ran out of options then there is the option to try a repair install. A repair install will install Windows over… Read More

Internet Explorer or E-mail Links Wont Open

Everyone knows that links on web pages takes you to other pages on the site or other websites altogether so it’s essential that they work when you click on them. Also, most… Read More

Getting the Most Out of Google

When it comes to web search engines, Google has become the most widely used search engine in the world. Many web surfers users prefer Google for a variety of reasons. Some may… Read More
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