Find the MAC Address of the Computers on Your Network

A MAC address, short for Media Access Control address, is a unique code assigned to most forms of networking hardware. This is a unique identifier specific to the network card inside the computer. The MAC address makes the host recognizable to and distinguishable from other hosts.

CC Get MAC Address is a tool for finding MAC address and computer names from IP addresses. You can use it to find the MAC address, computer name and IP address of a computer on your network or the whole LAN range itself.

CC Get MAC can resolve MAC addresses from IP or computer name. Also, you can find the IP address from the MAC address. CC Get MAC Address also can be used with the Wake On LAN feature of your network card. You can use it wake up any computer on your LAN remotely (To use Wake On LAN function, you must have a network card with chipset that supports this feature).


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