Managing and Freeing Up Hard Drive Space in Windows 11

  We all store files of various types on our computers such as pictures, documents, music files and so on. Plus the software and apps we have installed on our computers have… Read More

How to Use Grouped Tabs in Microsoft Edge

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Are You and Your Computer Ready for Windows 11?

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Find How Long Your Computer Has Been Running (Uptime)

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Windows 10 Typing Settings

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Access Your Smartphone From Your Windows 10 Computer With “Your Phone”

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Save Multiple Items to Your Windows Clipboard with Clipboard History

Yes there is a way to save multiple copied items on the clipboard!   If you are like most people, you like to use the copy and paste feature in Windows to… Read More

Using the Windows 10 Snip & Sketch Tool to Take Screenshots

Take Screen Captures the Easy Way   If you ever have the need to take a screenshot or screen grab from any program you have open in Windows then you can use… Read More
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