How to Add Fillable Checkboxes to Microsoft Word Documents

How to Add Fillable Checkboxes to Microsoft Word Documents

Microsoft Word is the most popular word processing program in use today. It has been around since 1983 and Microsoft keeps adding more and more advanced features with every release. For most… Read More
Uses of Microsoft Word in Education

Top 10 Uses of Microsoft Word in Education

Microsoft Word is a graphical word processing program. It allows users to save and type documents. It has many other useful features for teachers, students, and professionals. Any material can be written,… Read More
Outlook online add Zoom meeting

How to Install and Use the Zoom Add-in for Office 365 and Outlook Webmail

As you most likely know, Zoom is one of the most popular online meeting platforms in use today with millions of people using it to hold work meetings as well as things… Read More email rules

How to Configure Email Rules for Webmail

Sending and receiving email is a fairly straightforward process and for the most part all of your incoming email will be sent directly to your inbox unless your email provider or your… Read More

How to Restore the Right Click New Word Document Menu Item

Get your right click > New choice for Word back where it belongs!   If you are a power Windows user, you most likely know how you can right click on your… Read More

Using the Microsoft Spreadsheet Compare Tool to Find Differences in Spreadsheets

Easily compare the differences between 2 spreadsheets If you work with a lot of Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, you might run into a situation where you have two versions of the same file.… Read More

Create a Custom Keyboard Shortcut in Microsoft Word

Improve your Word efficiency with keyboard shortcuts   If you have been computer user for any length of time then you have most likely used keyboard shortcuts to make your life easier… Read More

How to Schedule a Zoom Meeting From Your Microsoft Outlook Calendar

Easily schedule your Zoom meetings via your Outlook calendar   In these increased days of working from home or telecommuting you have most likely had a few or many Zoom meetings for… Read More

How to Block and Unblock Email Addresses in Microsoft Outlook

Take control of your Outlook junk mail   If you are like most people then you have experienced the wonders of getting countless spam (junk) emails in your inbox. Your email provider… Read More

How to Manage Multiple PST files in Outlook?

How safe is your Outlook email?   Microsoft Outlook is one of the popular email services that’s part of thousands of people across the globe. With Outlook being part of our daily… Read More
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