How to Use Windhawk to Tweak & Customize Windows

If you are what is known as a Windows power user, then you most likely have tried some of the built in Windows customization features or even downloaded one of those Windows tweaking apps that allows you to really change how Windows works.

Many people will also go to to download various windows tweaking and customization apps but if you are not computer savvy, then many of these tools can be confusing to install and use.

One easy to use and effective app that offers a multitude of ways for you to customize your Windows installation is called Windhawk. This is a free program that you install on your computer and then you can search for and add various features to Windows. These features are referred to as “mods” and they can be installed, customized and also disabled if needed.

Once you download and install Windhawk, you will have your main dashboard (Home section) that shows what mods you have installed as well as featured mods that you may want to try as well. If this is your first time using Windhawk, you will not have anything in the Installed Mods section.

How to Use Windhawk to Tweak & Customize Windows

If you click on the Explore button, you will then be shown additional mods you can try out as well as search for a specific feature from the search box.

How to Use Windhawk to Tweak & Customize Windows

Once you find a mod you would like to try out, you can click on the Details button to see more information about the mod and then you can click the Install button to have it added you’re the Windhawk app.

How to Use Windhawk to Tweak & Customize Windows

Every time you install a mod, you will get a warning telling you to proceed with care since not every mod may be safe. For the most part, you should be ok with any of the available mods. You can also click on one of the links such as the homepage to view information about the developer.

Windhawk warning screen

If you feel comfortable installing the mod, simply click on the Accept Risk and Install button. You might also want to consider creating a Windows System Restore point before adding any mods.

After the mod is installed, you will find it in the Home section under Installed Mods. You can then click on the Details button to do things such as activate the mod or change its configuration settings. You can also disable or remove the mod from here.

For many of these mods, you will want to go to the Settings section to configure how it works. The options in the Settings section will vary from mod to mod since they are specific to the mod itself. For the most part, the settings will be fairly self explanatory.

Windhawk mod settings

When you configure a setting, make sure to click on the Save settings button to have it take effect.

Here are a couple of videos showing how you can use Windhawk to tweak and customize Windows.

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