Essential Windows Apps for Students

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The process of learning appears to be incredibly complicated for thousands of students. Many of them lack some important skills, while others might just require more professional software for completing their assignments. In this post, we’ve collected a list of essential Windows apps for students that are likely to make your learning much easier.

Google Drive
How can I do my statistics homework? Is it possible to get help with assignment writing? Sure! Google Drive has a powerful Docs tool that is a brilliant solution for writing various types of academic papers. It has tons of editing features, as well as automated grammar and punctuation checker. The excellent news is that Google Drive now allows offline editing. Feel free to create and edit your documents and store them is handy cloud storage. Not only you will have an opportunity to have access to your files from any device, but you also don’t need to worry about losing important files. Creating well-structured files with precise formatting is now easy with Google Drive. By the way, you can share your files with your friends and mates as well as edit documents simultaneously in real-time.

This application is a fantastic scheduling tool for learners. With the help of this utility, you can easily create timetables, make notes about your academic assignments, add contacts, and other useful information about your studies. It is a comprehensive and convenient planner with lots of functions. Moreover, you can also use it for teamwork. For example, share to-do-lists and other files with a team of classmates and friends. This will help you become more productive and complete tasks much faster.

Cool Reader
Tired from spending hours in your university library? It’s time to use e-books! Cool Reader is designed to help you read thousands of books in different file formats. For example, you can download and use txt, fb2, doc, epub, RTF, epub, and other common formats of electronic books right on your Windows-operated PC or laptop. Furthermore, the app can also help you open books stored in archives. Smooth flipping, making bookmarks, and lots of other fantastic features are all available in Cool Reader. It is also worth mentioning that most students use the app during their studies. Feel free to benefit from it, too.

Cool Reader

Microsoft PowerPoint
You will surely need to create dozens of presentations during your studies. However, choosing a perfect software for these needs might appear to be a real challenge. Fortunately, Microsoft PowerPoint is here to help you deal with this tough task. The app has all you need for creating powerful and astonishing presentations. Its interface is as easy as a piece of cake, so you will not require plenty of time to get things done. This app is highly recommended by both students

Microsoft Excel
Making calculations is amazingly convenient with a world-famous Microsoft Excel. You can use it for creating tables and diagrams for your academic assignments as well as for personal needs (for example, taking care of your budget) The app has dozens of functions for advanced calculation, allows performing the bulk computation, and will just amaze you with its flawless functionality.

Google Chrome
Being one of the most popular browsers worldwide, Chrome has a whopping number of tools and options. It allows performing smooth and fast browsing, adding bookmarks, and using a wide range of extensions. For example, you can block ads, use dictionaries, and take advantage of other useful features.

There are thousands of different apps designed for students. You can try various alternatives to choose the most fitting ones for your needs. Don’t be afraid to experiment.

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