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Get a handle on your schedule with these helpful apps


College students face a very demanding schedule that requires efficient planning to ensure desired productivity. There is just so much to do between classes, assignments, projects, keeping track of grades, and social life that a student has to juggle. Lately, there has also been an increased application of technology in education that requires appropriate apps for students to keep pace.

Planning and calendar software apps are currently necessary tools that help students to manage their study schedules effectively. These apps assist in better workflow and time management that leads to enhanced productivity and stellar performance by students. Here are some of the leading planner apps for students.

myHomework Student Planner
myHomework student planner is one of the best and most ideal of software apps for learners with busy schedules and in need of personal organization. This planner stands out for its simplicity in usage and seamlessly syncs across devices for convenient access. myHomework is especially useful to college students with many classes, assignments, tasks, and a social life that needs order.

With this app, a student can track classes, assignments, projects, and any other relevant activity with ease. Preparing for upcoming activities and keeping the daily routine is equally simple since the app sends due date reminders in time. myHomework planner has a user-friendly interface that allows easy customization to suit the student’s needs.


iStudiez is arguably the best software app specifically designed for students’ needs and quite dynamic to use. The app has an interface that displays your daily schedule with a convenient real-time mode for a glance at what happens shortly. iStudiez’s live tiles and alarms are perfect in keeping you on top of your activities while saving you valuable time

iStudiez’s advantage is in managing your assignments and tasks. The app planner helps you to organize your classes, locations, and engagements by course, date, and priority while allowing you to edit details of each task or assignment. You can keep track of completed functions and GPA grades besides other mundane issues that include holidays and leisure activities.


Power Planner
Power Planner integrates many of the great features found in the leading schedule apps for students. The app developers undertake continuous updates to keep up with emerging student requirements placing it ahead of others in the same category. Students can view their assignments and exams remotely once the instructor completes the assessment.

Power Planner software has a dynamic GPA calculator and can keep a record of your grades across semesters for easy retrieval. It’s unique “What if?” feature on the GPA calculator is especially ideal as it allows a student to figure out what scores are necessary in assignments to attain an A grade in a class.


Bart File Synchronization


Microsoft To Do
Microsoft To Do software app has excellent features for students’ schedule planning and is comfortable to use in different lighting modes. The app allows the student to set up category lists and amplify these with subtasks for clarity and targeted attention. It makes it easier for the student to embark on a particular task right away and saves on time.

To Do software comes with a feature for tasks not completed on the due date. The “Yesterday” box retains those items you did not check off from the previous date and allows you to move them to the current “My day” box if necessary. This way, you ensure that no task is left behind if not attended to on the due date.


Calendly software app is ideal for scheduling group activities. College students have multiple meetings with different individuals for purposes of their coursework and must keep track for the sake of all concerned. Since not everyone can be available at the same time, you need to strike a balance to settle on a time convenient to all, and Calendly can assist when it involves large groups.

By connecting Calendly to your digital calendar, you can initiate a meeting request and set parameters to guide other group members. You can indicate your availability and allow them to pick a date and time, or suggest a date and collect their responses. It makes it easy to coordinate meetings that involve large groups and includes reminders for convenience.


ChalkBoard is a versatile scheduling app that is easy and fun to use by students. To get it activated, the student must fill in subjects and their teachers in the provided timetable slots. The class tab on the home screen indicates upcoming classes while the events tab displays pending tasks and assignments.

ChalkBoard’s outstanding features include the capacity to work offline that can be convenient where there is no Wi-Fi connection. The student does not need to create an account before using the app. Besides managing the school timetable, it also mutes the learner’s phone during class sessions.


Todoist is a fantastic planner that combines project management and a to-do list. One of its outstanding advantages for graduating students is its relevance beyond the college needs as it easily converts to professional use outside. Equally appealing to students with meager resources is its free version that comes equipped with more features than the learner needs.

The app allows you to make quick notes of important things for later use before you forget and retains a record of checked off items for easy reference. You can also customize every feature individually to avoid unwanted notifications and label recurring tasks according to preference for easy tracking. Reminders for each of the items will pop up on your phone or email.


Having the best software app will not amount to much without personal discipline while using it. As you run through the day’s activities, set aside time to review your schedule at predetermined intervals. The review can help you reorganize your plans to include emerging tasks or to rearrange your priority listing. With the right planner and calendar app, you can breeze through your studies and social life successfully without any problems.


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