PuTTY Telnet and SSH Client

PuTTY is a free Telnet and SSH client for Windows and UNIX operating systems that you can use to connect to remote computers over TCP networks such as your local area network… Read More

The 6 Easiest Ways to Create a Minimum Layer of Internet Security Protection

It is easy to be intimidated by the number of internet security tools available. Not only is the marketplace more crowded than ever, but the suites of tools continually grow more complicated.… Read More

The 6 Most Common Types of DDoS Attacks

Every year new types of DDoS attacks are identified. As with all internet security threats, DDoS attacks continually evolve and certain methods become more popular than others. There are a variety of… Read More

Reinstall TCP/IP on Windows

TCP/IP is the protocol used to transmit data over the internet and it’s also used in most networks for network communication. There are many different components that make up the TCP/IP suite… Read More

MIMO Wireless Technology

I’m sure you have noticed that there is more than one type of wireless technology to choose from when buying something like a wireless router or wireless adapter for your computer. For… Read More

Windows Network Discovery

Network discovery is a network setting that affects whether your computer can see other computers and network devices on a network and if other computers on the network are able to see… Read More

Five Common Internet Security Mistakes People Make

Cases of identity theft and cyber-crime are becoming more common and destructive. It is therefore very important that people take measures to ensure their Internet security. Unfortunately, many people are making mistakes… Read More

How To Find Your IP Address

IP addresses are used with TCP/IP networks to allow communication between different networked devices such as computers and printers. It’s also required to be able to communicate on the Internet. Each device… Read More

Using Google to Perform Calculations

Google is the most popular search engine in the world and that’s because its clean, easy to use interface offers great results and lets you find what you need without a bunch… Read More

Windows Wireless Connection Management

Many people use wireless routers at home these days to get their internet connection on portable devices like laptops so they don’t have to be plugged in with a cable into their… Read More
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