Cross Platform Browser Testing Tools – Edging Out The Benefits as Asked For

Have you been making plans to seamlessly test out your websites on thousands of real devices globally? Now, get the opportunity to test and debug the mobile, audio, video, and web applications remotely on various devices around the globe. For that, enjoy the services of cross platform browser testing right at your fingertips now!

Transporting your experience:

With the best cross-platform testing option, you can scale the testing to multiple combinations. The main goal over here is to ensure the quality of the product and digital confidence as well. What can you possibly get with the testing platform by your side?

  • Now you can quickly identify all the bugs even before your customers can get hold of it.
  • You will enjoy the automated selenium tests over here.
  • There will be no maintenance stress involved with the use of such platforms.
  • Now get more time to spend on the features and don’t have to focus on the bugs.
  • Get the chance to speed up the development process by around 10 times.
  • Now, you get the chance to test out the browser compatibility right on the go.
  • You can furthermore run some of the web testing-based automation tools in a rather reliable, scalable ad secure environment.
  • You get to test out the cross-browser remotely and even at a continuous rate on some of the real devices and from the real locations as well.

The value of global device cloud:

Experts will actually help you to run any application on the devices in the world. There are various real browser and mobile testing devices, which are currently available at your fingertips. Now, you can access the remote devices, which are well-equipped with actual SIM cards, through a secured global device cloud.

  • Enjoy a flexible distributed system for scaling the remote testing efforts in a secured manner.
  • Reliable platforms will help in enabling the developers to monitor the non-noise interfered data based on the proprietary RF-based hardware and the customized USB hub.
  • Get the opportunity to test out the real user experience in global locations. If you want, you can add up some more locations to the list.

Cross Platform Browser Testing

Finding bugs and then fixing them:

With the best cross-platform browser testing tool, you will not just find the bugs but will get to fix them at an instant rate too.

  • You can reproduce the highest priority issues and then resolve the specified bugs whenever you get to find them across the client-server communication base.
  • The tool presents BTS visibility within the performance issues.
  • Right from CD, server, application, and network to the final device, there will be test flows to help resolve the critical bug situation.
  • You can furthermore test out the apps in multiple development areas. The local testing field will allow testing apps on development and the staging environment.
  • Try not to upload the same build more than once. Select those builds, which have been uploaded by you or even your team, and then start the testing procedure immediately.
  • The testing tools are going to identify the devices automatically with the help of OS versions, as presented by mobile apps.

The audio and video help:

Now with the cross-platform browser testing, you get to check and then measure the audio quality worldwide for the speech-enabled apps and the audio streaming. Preview the apps and then monitor the audio experience all within a real-time basis.

Get to access the audio quality automatically, as experienced by that of a user of the voice-enabled app. Now, you will receive reliable results and the available quality metrics, without scoring based on the user feedback.
The tools will support WebRTC based protocols. So, now you can access quickly and test out the bi-directional audio on the remote devices through web browser and all in real time.

The high-end integration:

Don’t forget to use the APIs and plugins of the cross-platform browser testing tools for procuring results from environments automatically. Track down the issues with the integrations like ServiceNow and JIRA.

  • You get the chance to use only the best plugins and APIs, which will help you to get the finest results from the environment.
  • Now, you will furthermore receive some alerts on the current user experience based issues and then act out on the stages in a quick manner.
  • Get the chance to integrate effortlessly with the continuous integration alongside some of the major deployment environments like Travis CI and Jenkins.

So, focusing on the cross-browser testing platform has become a necessity these days. Once you start working on it, you will realize the importance of the said tools too. So, check in with the best firm and focus on the finest tools to be used for covering such services right away!

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