Tips for Writing A Professional An Attractive Social Media Bio

When it comes to social media, presentation is everything. And one major element in how you present yourself on social media (and in the real world) is your professional and attractive bio.

Writing a great bio across all of your social profiles takes time and effort – but it’s important that you take the time to craft a bio that both presents you professionally and attracts potential customers. How do you write such a compelling bio? Here are some insider tips.

Make Sure To Include Keywords
If your target demographic includes employers or customers for your business, be sure to include ‘keywords’ – or words that express what you do and who you ultimately work with/sell products/services to. Such keywords can include:

  • C-Suite executive (for those working with high-level professionals such as CEOs and other senior leaders)
  • Business owner (for those who work with small business owners)
  • Entrepreneur (to appeal to startups and other businesses still in the early stages of their lifecycle)
  • Marketing professional (if that’s your area of expertise or a primary part of your business model/service offering)

If you work with specific, niche groups – feel free to include those words as well! For example, if you’re a marketing professional targeting writers, you could use ‘writer’ as an additional keyword.


Make Sure To Include Multiple Links
If you have a website, blog, or other ‘home base’ where potential customers can learn more about your products/services and how to work with you, be sure to include links! The folks at explain that finding ways around apps that only permit adding one link in order to include multiple links in your bio is essential. It’s best practice to include links in the following order:

  • Your personal/business website (this should be your homepage – so people can navigate directly from your bio to your key pages)
  • Your Twitter profile (assuming that most of the traffic on your social media profiles is mobile – you want people who are checking out your profile on mobile devices to be able to click ‘Visit Profile’ and go straight through to your Twitter page)

If you’re not sure which network is best for you depending on what you’re trying to reach or the type of customers you work with – it’s a best practice to have a presence on all four major social networks: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. And if you’re going to be active on other sites in the future – feel free to include a link directly to a page that describes your online presence!


Make Sure To Mention Why Someone Should Follow/Like/Connect With You
It may seem obvious – but people want to know why they should connect with you rather than any other person. They want to hear what makes you unique or better than others who offer similar products or services. You can do this by including ‘social proof’ verbiage at the end of your bios, such as testimonials from past clients or an award you’ve won.

Social Media Thumbs Up

Consider adding social media share buttons and your number of followers directly in your bio so that they can quickly and easily connect with you. You can also mention how many people have liked, commented on, or shared a particular piece of content (such as a blog post) – as this is another form of social proof. And if you’re writing a catchy, unique bio – chances are others will be more likely to like it as well!


Use Numbers And Facts When Possible
Numbers and facts do two things. First, they provide social proof (see above). Second, they make you seem knowledgeable and legitimate – which is essential for creating a professional impression. When someone starts learning about your business, they may want to know what sets you apart from the competition. Knowing that you’ve handled hundreds of cases or that you worked to decrease response time by 30% may set you apart from others in the industry.


Make Your Bio Easy To Read
There are several rules you can follow in order to achieve this. Keep it brief, but no shorter than 100 words. Make sure there is a clear structure with headers and subheaders so that readers can follow along easily. And make sure your sentences flow logically – don’t jump from one point to another without explanation (unless of course, you’re doing it on purpose for stylistic purposes, like writing an attention-grabbing piece of content on LinkedIn).

As with any written text, make sure you proofread before sending it out – even if you think you’ve caught all your mistakes, chances are someone else will find something they catch that slips under the radar! This shows potential customers (and employers) that you take pride in your work.


Writing a professional and attractive social media bio is an essential part of connecting with others on social media – it’s your first (and sometimes only) chance to make a good impression. By following these tips for writing a professional and attractive social media bio, you will be able to build trust and rapport with the people who connect with you online.

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