How to Ping and Monitor Multiple Hosts at the Same Time

How to Ping and Monitor Multiple Hosts at the Same Time

If you have been working with computer networking or even computers in general for a bit of time, then you probably know how useful the ping command is for testing network connectivity… Read More
Windows 7 Style Start Menu on Windows 11

Bring Back the Windows 7 Style Start Menu to Windows 11

Now that Windows 11 has been out for some time, people are starting to take note of all the things they either like or don’t like about Microsoft’s latest operating system. One… Read More
How to Add Fillable Checkboxes to Microsoft Word Documents

How to Add Fillable Checkboxes to Microsoft Word Documents

  Microsoft Word is the most popular word processing program in use today. It has been around since 1983 and Microsoft keeps adding more and more advanced features with every release. For… Read More

How to Rename Hardware Items in Device Manager

  If you are the type who likes to troubleshoot their own computer problems then I’m sure you have used Device Manager at some point to check for hardware errors, revert drivers,… Read More
Win+X Menu Editor

How to Edit Your Start Button Right Click Menu Items (Win+X)

If you consider yourself a Windows power user, then you probably know about many of the not so obvious features that are included in Windows that allow you to perform the same… Read More
Types of Software Testing

Types of Software Testing: What to Consider Before Deciding Which Test Can Be Automated?

Software testing is an integral part of ensuring the product will function at the expected level. Most software creators don’t hesitate to test their solutions at different development stages. It guarantees to… Read More
Buying Bitcoins Using a Charge Account Credit

Buying Bitcoins Using Charge Account Credit

Buying cryptocurrencies and particularly bitcoins has become very fashionable during the last several years. People do this both with the aim of creating a profit and so as to preserve the resources… Read More
Bonus Tips for Making a Compelling Instructional Video

Tips for Making a Compelling Instructional Video

The popularity of instructional videos is increasing day by day. 91% of smartphone users turn to Google for how-to videos to complete various tasks. Making videos of this type is a great… Read More
Choosing the Automation Type for the Folder

How to Use Dropbox Automated Folders

These days, cloud storage services such as Dropbox, OneDrive and Google Drive do much more than just store your files so you can access them from anywhere you have an internet connection.… Read More
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