The 10 Major Hardware Components Of A Computer System And How You Should Handle Them

Do you know what makes your computer tick?   The hardware components of the computer system are the parts of the computer that can be handled physically. They are the basic part… Read More

Intel Optane Memory

Do you want to make your hard drive faster?   If you pay any attention to the latest and greatest technology and how it seems to improve on a daily basis in… Read More

Uncovering All The Hidden Merits Of Using A CRT Monitor

Will going old school make things look better?   Anyone born before 2003 will have at some stage used a CRT monitor, or a cathode ray tube monitor. The name itself quite… Read More

Wellbeing and IoT – the unexpected benefits of the smart office

How smart is your office?   It is no exaggeration to call the Internet of Things (IoT) a phenomenon and a rapidly growing field, with Gartner estimating there will be as many… Read More

Top 4 Best CPU’s for Gaming and Performance

Top 4 Best CPUs for Gaming and Performance   Most gamers tend to focus more on finding the best graphics card while overlooking the importance of a high-performance CPU. This is logical… Read More


Are you old school, or new school?   When you turn on your computer, you expect to see if boot up into your operating system. That operating system may be Windows, Mac… Read More

Benefits of Buying a Gaming PC Even If You are Not a Gamer

Are you ready for your new PC?   A gaming computer comes with essentially the same parts as a regular work computer. However, there are significant differences between these components. Gaming PCs… Read More

Forex Trading: Desktop or Laptop for the Win?

Is your computer ready for Forex trading?   What’s true in just about every profession you can think of applies just as well when it comes to trading – you’re only as… Read More

Creating a Bootable USB Flash Drive to Install Your Operating System

Install Your Operating System From a Flash Drive  For the longest time it has been the norm to install operating systems and other software from CDs and DVDs. Now everything is online… Read More

DVI vs. HDMI vs. DisplayPort Video Connections

DVI vs. HDMI vs. DisplayPort Video Connections In order to view output from your computer on your monitor you need to connect the 2 with some type of cable since wireless monitors… Read More
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