Microsoft Officially Releases Windows 11 ISO Image Files

You may or may not be aware the Microsoft is coming out with a new version of its Windows Operating System years after saying Windows 10 would be the last version. Most… Read More

New Wi-Fi Security Flaw Affects Millions of Devices

Another reason to keep your devices up to date. If you have any type of electronic device then there is a good chance it has some way accessing the Internet wirelessly. Then… Read More

What is a VPN and what can you do with it?

Is a Virtual Private Network right for you?   VPN stands for Virtual Private Network and there are many reasons why you might want to consider signing up with a provider. We… Read More

Watch Out for Windows BlueKeep Exploit

Try not to get the BlueKeep Blues Once again the Microsoft Windows operating system has become a victim of a malware attack but this one is bad enough to where the US… Read More

Are Your Chrome Credentials Secure?

Are Your Chrome Credentials Secure? Many people like to store their website passwords within their browser so they can be auto filled when you go to the site, so you don’t need… Read More

Microsoft to Bring Back Optional Windows Updates

Windows 10 Optional Updates Coming Soon If you can remember the good old days of Windows 7 where we got to decide what patches we installed on our computers when it came… Read More

Google working on a new backward and forward cache feature for an upcoming version of Chrome

Use Some Cache to Speed Up Chrome If you use the popular Google Chrome web browser then you might be interested in hearing about the new feature that Google is working on… Read More

WPA2 Protected Wi-Fi Networks May Be Easy to Hack After All

WPA2 May Not Be So Secure After All With WPA2 being the latest and greatest wireless security standard of course there will be people looking to hack into WPA2 protected networks for… Read More

New WPA3 Wi-Fi Security Coming Soon

WPA3 Wireless Security is Coming to Save Us! Wi-Fi is a way of life for almost everyone these days. If your computer at home doesn’t use a wireless connection to the Internet… Read More

Net Neutrality Protection Has Expired – What’s Next?

Will Net Neutrality Save or Destroy the Internet? Back in 2015, a set of rules designed to protect us from unfair Internet practices called Net Neutrality was put into place but as… Read More
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