Watch Out for Windows BlueKeep Exploit

Try not to get the BlueKeep Blues

Once again the Microsoft Windows operating system has become a victim of a malware attack but this one is bad enough to where the US National Security Agency (NSA) actually got involved urging user to update their computers to be sure that they do not get affected by this latest attack. We have known about BlueKeep for some time but since many people and companies didn’t heed the warning, they are now seeing the affects of what this exploit can do to their systems, so Microsoft is pushing for people to get their systems patched.

The Blue Keep exploit allows the attacker to perform a number of actions such as adding new user accounts to the computer, installing malicious programming such as cryptocurrency miners and making changes to system data. The malware accesses computers via Remote Desktop Services (RDP) which use port 3389 that are exposed to the internet. BlueKeep is a wormable meaning it creates the risk of a large scale outbreak due to its ability to replicate and propagate and is very similar to Conficker and WannaCry if you remember those. BlueKeep is a nickname given to CVE-2019-0708, a vulnerability in the Remote Desktop Protocol service.

BlueKeep CVE-2019-0708

BlueKeep code fixes were released on May 14, 2019 for all supported Windows operating systems, as well as older versions of Windows such as XP and Server 2003 which tells you that its something to be serious about so if you haven’t updated your computer in some time then you might want to think about doing so! Running the latest Windows Updates on your computer should take care of patching it with the latest security fixes.

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