Stealthex Exchange- Is it a scam or not?

To know whether the Stealthex Exchange is a scam or not, you need to check out this detailed review of it. Stealthex was officially announced as part of the crypto world in 2018. This platform provides you the opportunity to buy and convert cryptocurrencies without giving any additional charges, restrictions, limits, or any hidden fees. Moreover, you don’t need to register on the platform or share your details.

You’ll not need to go through any KYC procedures on this platform, nor it cost you any extra charges. Stealthex exchange provides the ultimate protection and security to its users. This platform has a partnership with a few exchanges, including Binance. On this exchange, you’ll have access to more than 350 cryptocurrencies. It does not have any trading pair and support all countries. There is no withdrawal fee, but the transaction fees mainly depend on your currency.

Why choose this exchange?

If you’re someone who wants to trade anonymously or needs the ultimate privacy, then this exchange is for you. It is a free cryptocurrency exchange that does not require any registrations. The exchange does not have any wallet or app but if you want to exchange cryptocurrencies on it, make sure to purchase a wallet for yourself. It is pretty easy to use and not too occupied by the users. Only several people around the globe use this platform. For more details about the exchanges, this platform supports, visit

How does it work?

To know if this platform is a scam or not, you need to know how it works first. If you want to swap your assets on this exchange, make sure to select the drop-down list and the coin you want to get in exchange. For the trading pair, this platform will suggest the best rate and display the conversion rates. After order confirmation, a swap will be done with the exchange.

Advantages of Stealthex

Here are some of the key features of stealthex exchange:

  • It is quite suitable for experienced traders and the crypto novice too. The platform is user-friendly, and out of all the exchanges, this one is considered best for the crypto and bitcoin sell or purchase.
  • The platform offers a wide range of currencies options to the user, including ethereum, bitcoin cash, bitcoin, etc.
  • Their customer support service is quite responsive. They are there to help and assist you in case of any issue 24/7. You can contact them anytime whenever you are stuck somewhere or need assistance.


  • One of the major disadvantages of using this platform is, it does not offer any wallet. Plus, the exchange does not have any app for trading.

Stealthex Exchange- Is it a scam or not?

Services By Stealth

This is a non-custodial crypto exchange that allows the traders to do swapping instantly. It does not need any of your private details nor required to complete the KYC procedure. The swapped funds will be collected in your hardware wallet instead of storing in exchange.

  • Limitless trading
  • Private and secure
  • Registration free
  • 350+ coins
  • Simple to use
  • 24/7 customer support service

Stealthex Security

This platform meets strict industry standards and provides excellent security. The deposited funds will be directly received to their wallet, as due to the non-custodial nature, the exchange does not provide any wallet. Moreover, no registration is required for the trading, nor does it need personal information.

The platform does not have any significant security breaches, and currently, there is no report of anything related to scams or incomplete transactions by the users. On crypto aggregator – Alligat0r you’ll get the details about the rates, transactions and guidelines too.

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