New Wi-Fi Security Flaw Affects Millions of Devices

Another reason to keep your devices up to date.

If you have any type of electronic device then there is a good chance it has some way accessing the Internet wirelessly. Then of course we all have Internet connected smartphones, tablets and computers. When using these devices outside of the home or office you should always be careful when it comes to using other Wi-Fi connections because they are not always secure, even if they require a password to gain access.

Security firm ESET has discovered a new security flaw they named Kr00k that effectively disables the encryption used by a password protected Wi-Fi network. This flaw has the potential to allow hackers full access to the network as if they were directly connected to it. Then if you are on the network with your device they would be able to eavesdrop on you and see what you are doing while you are connected. These hackers can potentially see what websites you are visiting and read your messages etc.

Kr00k wi-fi vulnerability

If you think this is something you don’t have to worry about then think again since this security flaw has the potential to affect 1 billion devices. So if you have an iPhone, Android, Google home device, tablet or other connected device then this is something to think about. If you are diligent about keeping your computers and devices updated with the latest security patches then you will probably be ok once vendors come out with patches for your operating system.

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