Avalanche Price Analysis – Is AVAX a Good Investment?

AVAX is one of the most powerful cryptocurrencies in the market. The coin had its ups and downs over time, but its price keeps increasing. Let’s see what different companies have predicted about AVAX rates and where you can exchange AAVE AVAX, BNB AVAX, or other crypto pairs.

What Is AVAX?

It’s a well-known fact that Ethereum has the largest market share in the blockchain industry? But did you know that besides its advantages, the platform faces some challenges like slow speed and high transaction costs? Concerned people have analyzed these issues and found a solution – Avalanche.
Avalanche is the fastest blockchain platform in the industry. It can handle 10 thousand transactions a second, which is much faster than Ethereum. The platform has all the qualities users can anticipate; the transaction speed is fast, transaction costs are low, and it’s user-friendly.
AVAX is the token of Avalanche. It’s used by the platform to reward crypto owners and AVAX stakers. According to statistics, 64% of tokens are staked. And validators have 11% income just for staking the tokens.

AVAX Price Prediction

For making relatively realistic predictions of AVAX price, it’s essential to have a general idea of the coin’s price change over time. In mid-2020, one AVAX coin was worth only $4.12. It had its ups and downs until January 2021 when the coin had its breakthrough moment. The price of AVAX started to gain momentum and reached its highest peak on November 22, 2021. That day a single AVAX coin was worth $134.53. Unfortunately, the price didn’t stay that high for long. It fell to $79.15 in December.
By using this historical data about the AVAX price change, different experts come up with different forecasts.

  • According to WalletInvestor, at the end of 2022 AVAX will cost $278.18.
  • The predictions of DigitalCoinPrice are more realistic. They say that in December 2022, one AVAX coin is expected to reach $157.35. In five years, the coin will reach $281.02.
  • Gov.capital is way more optimistic than other platforms. According to their predictions, AVAX price will reach $324.67 at year-end while in five years, it’s expected to be $2,370.68.

Is AVAX a Good Investment?

Where To Trade AVAX

Did the predictions of AVAX price make you consider investing in this currency? Here are the top three best exchanges where you can acquire AVAX.

  1. Currently, the AVAX coin costs $87.50 on Binance. Its 24-hour trade volume exceeds $299 million. The platform allows exchanging AVAX for other currencies and acquiring coins with fiat money.
  2. Another reliable platform for trading AVAX is the official LetsExchange website (https://letsexchange.io/). If you want to acquire AVAX, select the coin you want to sell in the “You Send” field, choose AVAX in the “You Get” field, and enter your receiving wallet. The transaction will complete within a few minutes.
  3. Though the 24-hour trade volume of AVAX is less on DigiFinex than on Binance, it’s still one of the best AVAX exchange platforms. Currently, one AVAX coin can be traded at $87.01.

Is AVAX a Good Investment?

Definitely yes! The coin has earned its permanent place in crypto investors’ wallets. If we believe in these predictions, in five years, the AVAX coin will be worth from $1000 to $2,370.68. Though these forecasts aren’t an exact science, these predictions give food for thought.

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