How Does Google Webmaster Affect Your SEO?

Google webmaster is one of the most widely-used and demanded SEO tools nowadays. Its popularity is related not only to its efficiency but also its cost – the tool is totally free. In addition to that, it is efficient because it provides users with valuable information about their websites. But how does Google Webmaster affect your SEO?

Any website owner should think of using it, otherwise, they miss tons of opportunities, and this is one of the greatest features that are so crucial for your SEO. It is necessary to catch up with trends and use whatever the market can offer, so missing our Google webmaster is a big mistake.

How it works

Right now, you can check the main purposes of this free tool and how exactly it can help you with the SEO of your website. Consider it as one of the inevitable parts of your marketing strategy.

It notifies about the issues with your website

The efficiency of your website directly depends on its performance. Conducting an SEO strategy is impossible without having a smooth and easy-navigation website. Webmaster is an intermediary that collects information about your website from Google.

If your server is down, your website is hacked, affected by malware, or there is any other issue with it, Google Webmaster will let you know about it in the email. However, it won’t be done until you enable email notifications. To do so, open the Settings in the top right icon and select Webmaster tools preferences. It is a very efficient way to be aware of all the problems on your website that will ensure smooth work and the best user experience.

How does Google webmaster affect SEO

It improves HTML

HTML Improvements can be found right under Search Appearance. Unlike the previous feature, this one reports about HTML issues on your website, including meta titles, descriptions, non-indexable content, etc. Once there are tag issues, you will know about them.
Unique meta descriptions, as well as optimized tags, are crucial in SEO. Thanks to this report, you will identify all issues related to title and meta descriptions and will be able to solve them quickly. You should constantly update page titles so there would not be any duplicates.

Google Webmaster shows you the overall picture with your keywords

You will find Content Keywords under Google Index. You may have any image of your website, however, you may have no idea what Google thinks of it. Google Webmaster will help you understand it. You can see the keywords used on your website and their significance and variations.

This data allows the owners of the websites to find out very quickly whether they need to create more content around the necessary keywords or topics. You can also easily see the pages where these keywords appear. This is an extremely helpful feature of Google Webmaster.

You track incoming links

It is crucial to know the links that lead to your website. This concerns both your homepage and internal pages. Google Webmaster helps you identify which websites link to yours, which terms are used by them to link to your website, which pages on your website have more links, etc.

If there is an incoming link issue, you can easily check which of them caused it by using the Download latest links. It is possible to remove all bad links that cause problems. Unfortunately, you cannot access the archive of incoming links. You can only see an Excel sheet.

Check your sitemap status

Google should take into account the list of URLs that forms an XML sitemap. You may not even have a sitemap but still ask Google to find out about your website and its pages. However, sitemaps facilitate your life and SEO a lot.

If you open the SITEMAPS option, you will see the status of your sitemap and identify all potential problems. Testing and submitting new sitemaps is also possible. Google Index doesn’t include all the pages from your website, so you can keep track of those included.

Data markup helper

There is one more great option by Google Webmaster called the Structured data markup helper. You can tag the data fields for products, events, etc. on your website. Using the point-and-click tool is extremely easy, so you can start from it.

The good news is that you don’t have to change HTML tags. All tags are highlighted by your mouse.


If you struggle with improving your SEO and website productivity and efficiency, don’t worry that you will need to spend tons of money on your SEO marketing strategy. Everything is much easier than you expected. You may simply enjoy the free tools that help you track your efficiency and boost your SEO. One of the great strategies is to recruit or build an in-house SEO team. They would have the knowledge and wisdom from past experience to help you rank your website. You can opt for either a freelancer or a full-time SEO Analyst. Either way, be sure to pay them well and provide them with the pay stubs. If you need to create pay stubs, you can check out the paystub creator.

Google Webmaster is one of those tools offered by Google for all website owners totally for free. It is able to affect the efficiency of your website a lot and bring more organic traffic to your website. All you need to do is just to spend a bit of your time to see how everything works and master the main features of it.

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