Why Your Business Needs an Enterprise-Grade WiFi

There’s no question that a reliable WiFi connection is essential for business in today’s fast-paced world. The Internet offers a lot of features that entrepreneurs can utilize to improve workplace productivity.

Accessing the Internet has no time or space limitations. You can find information quickly and efficiently. It’s also possible to transfer different kinds of data in electronic form. Aside from those benefits, Internet use has also led to establishing new markets, processes, and business models today.

Though there has been a concern that good wireless access may lead some employees to surf sites that aren’t job-related, most research shows otherwise.

According to a survey conducted by the Pew Research Center, about 46 percent of employees claim that the Internet has increased their productivity at work. Other research shows that Internet usage generally leads to firms’ better performance regardless of the manager’s gender.

The study also proves that the speed of the Internet connection also plays an essential role in increased productivity. It suggests that a high-speed broadband connection does have a positive impact on the performance of firms.


What Is an Enterprise-Grade WiFi?
Enterprise-grade WiFi is designed for high-density Internet use. It also requires multiple indoor access points and supports larger loads without disconnections and dropped signals.


Benefits of Using Enterprise-Grade WiFi

Fast and Reliable Internet Connection
WiFi commonly used at home may not be strong enough to handle your business needs because it may only support a given number of users. Since a home router requires users to share a single Internet connection, its speed may rapidly deteriorate as traffic grows.

Unlike home routers, enterprise-class WiFi is specifically designed to handle larger volumes of wireless devices. Its faster and more reliable connection ensures that work productivity doesn’t suffer.

More Advanced Security Features
Your business must take extra precautions to prevent unauthorized access to your network. Encrypting your data can protect your business from hackers and data thieves. You may also benefit from the added security layer of enterprise-grade WiFi.

In addition to greater WPA-Enterprise security, an enterprise-grade WiFi features Adaptive Radio Management (ARM) and the use of 802.1X authentication protocol. It also creates guest user accounts so visitors can connect to the WiFi without accessing confidential company information.

Ability to Create Multiple Access Points
The ability to deploy numerous access points leads to improved scalability for business growth. Once an enterprise-grade WiFi is put in place, the process of expanding the connection becomes relatively easy.

Better Roaming Capabilities
An enterprise-grade WiFi provides users with improved signal coverage. You can enjoy better roaming quality without delays or disconnections.

Why Your Business Needs an Enterprise-Grade WiFi

Questions to Consider When Evaluating Internet Usage Needs
If you want to upgrade your WiFi network to an enterprise-grade setup, you should first ask these questions before you consult with an IT communications specialist to help you out

  1. What is your budget?
  2. What is your current Internet setup?
  3. Will you be offering customers free WiFi access?
  4. How many users are likely to be connecting to the WiFi network at once?
  5. Would you like to link a phone system to the WiFi network?
  6. Do you need email accounts?


Upgrading to Enterprise-Grade WiFi
After relaying your Internet usage needs to an IT specialist, they will then do the following:

  • Perform a site survey and analyze your office layout to determine the optimum number and placement of access points.
  • Install and configure the hardware to give a secure and consistent WiFi network.
  • Provide implementation evaluations and future improvement recommendations.

The Internet has revolutionized our way of living. From our mobile phones to WiFi connections, our lives have become more integrated with the ever-improving wireless technology.

As an entrepreneur, perhaps one of your main goals is to provide your customers and employees the best experience possible. After all, exceeding customer needs and increasing your employees’ productivity differentiate you from your competitors.

Consider upgrading your WiFi connection and creating a competitive advantage for your business. In today’s competitive market, businesses need to ensure their mobility solutions are enterprise-grade.

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