5 Ways This Network Proxy Tool Can Help Your Business

Proxies can be used for more than just security.


Proxies are often associated with bypassing content restrictions or appearing to be in a particular location for similar reasons. Proxy servers are strategically placed in some regions primarily to allow for network traffic to be routed through them. The use cases of a proxy server mentioned earlier are indeed the most common among everyday users.

But proxies aren’t just useful for bypassing Netflix or BBC iPlayer country-specific restrictions. They are also handy for maintaining privacy and preventing tracking when you are browsing the World Wide Web. In fact, proxies can be just as useful – if not more so – for businesses. That is why in this article, we are going to focus on the five ways proxies can help your business.

Better Security
Proxies are an incredibly handy security measure to implement. You cannot expect to have a secure network without sufficient security put in place, and a good proxy server can be a fantastic addition to your network security.

Rather than reaching your servers or internal network directly, traffic routed through a proxy server – or several of them – must go through security measures implemented by the proxy service provider or servers. This means you gain additional layers of security by using a proxy.

At the same time, traffic from the proxy server to your devices or internal network is encrypted, even when the originating server or device doesn’t support SSL encryption. The open traffic may still be exposed, but communications to and from the proxy server are entirely secure.

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Corporate Privacy
Being able to perform sensitive business tasks anonymously is a huge advantage. When you need to send an anonymous report about bad business activities conducted by competitors to a governing body, for example, utilizing a proxy server can be the solution that you need.

Rather than exposing your IP address, you can mask your internal network and public IP by routing the traffic through a proxy server. Only the IP address of the proxy will be recorded by the receiving server, protecting your identity right away.

Of course, the use of proxies also limits the ability of external parties to track your employees’ online activities. This, once again, is a huge advantage in today’s modern and competitive market. You can be very meticulous with how you manage information security using proxies as middleware.


Load Balancing and Performance
We cannot talk about proxies without talking about how they can speed up your internet access by a significant margin. When you use a private proxy server, for example, you can configure the server to cache certain web elements. Some proxy service providers automatically do this too.

Rather than loading static elements of Salesforce every time, it is much more efficient – and much faster – to cache those elements using a proxy. Your employees’ access to Salesforce will work seamlessly and they will certainly appreciate the boost in performance.

UX is improved immediately. Even when the internal network is full of users, the proxy server will continue to balance your traffic, both incoming and outgoing. As a result, the overall productivity of the company will be elevated as well.


Traffic Control
Most companies already use proxies for one specific purpose: controlling internet access. Whether it is for preventing leaks and the spreading of sensitive business documents or to limit access to social media sites and other distractions, proxies for traffic control is a common concept.

You can configure the proxy server to route certain requests to a warning page or the internal ERP page. When an employee tries accessing Facebook, for example, they will see a warning page on the screen. This too will significantly boost the overall performance of team members across the company.

The reverse is also true. Proxies can be used to block traffic from certain servers, IP addresses, or even regions. For example, you can block traffic coming from China if you don’t serve customers in that country. Network efficiency becomes higher since it doesn’t need to handle unnecessary traffic.


Good for Marketing
Last but certainly not least, proxy servers are also handy if you want to gain an edge when doing digital marketing. You can, for instance, create social media accounts from different regions, and use them to growth-hack your own business social media pages.

Ads can be made more effective using proxies. You can influence the targeting algorithm of your social media or display ads using proxy servers from different regions. What you are doing is expanding your audience base while targeting specific regions or areas in the process.

The cherry on top is how proxies let you check your ads or digital marketing campaigns from a neutral standpoint. You can view ads as genuine users from another country rather than as the one placing those ads. There are a lot of insights to be gained from this kind of neutral review.

These are the five ways proxies can help your business. The good news is, finding a good proxy service that suits the needs and requirements of your company is now very easy to do.

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