How to Have Both Automatic (Dynamic) and Manual (Static) IP Address Settings at the Same Time

Dynamic IP addresses are IP addresses that change over time and are usually allocated automatically by a DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) server. These are common for workstations and home computers. Static IP addresses are IP addresses that are assigned manually and do not change unless that change is done manually. They are commonly used for servers and other devices that need to have the same IP address all the time although there are many reasons to have a static IP address on your workstation.

Many people who take their notebook from home to the office may run into a problem of having to use a dynamic IP address at home and a static at the office. This can become somewhat of a pain to have to change the type of IP address back and forth each time you take your computer home and to the office.There is a way to have both settings in your configuration so you do not need to change them each time you change locations.

For Windows Vista and up go to the Control Panel and then the Network and Sharing Center and then click on Change adapter settings. Or you can click your network icon down by the clock at the right and choose Network and Internet Settings and then click Change Adapter Options. The terminology may vary between different versions of Windows. From there you can right click your local area connection and choose Properties and click Internet Protocol Version 4. You will see a window similar to one of the following.

Dynamic IP Address

Static IP address

To setup an alternate IP address, click on the Alternate Configuration tab. Note that if you do not have Obtain an IP address automatically selected on the General tab then you will not see this tab.

Enter your static IP information in the boxes and click OK.

One side effect of using this type of configuration is that it will take a little longer for Windows to completely load since it will first look for an IP address from a DHCP server before using the alternate configuration.

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