Free Microsoft Office Online

Use Microsoft Office Online For Free! If you are a Windows user and also use any type of word processing or spreadsheet program then there is a good chance you are using… Read More

Password Protecting your Office Documents

In today’s age of viruses, malware and security breaches you may want to be able to protect your Office documents from people who shouldn’t be looking at them. Many people keep confidential… Read More

Increase Font or Letter Spacing in Microsoft Word

If you are a regular user of Microsoft Word or any word processing program I’m sure that you know that you can change the typestyle or font to suit your needs. If… Read More

Change the Default Font for New Word Documents

Most software comes with defaults for things such as fonts, page layout, save location and so on. If it’s quality software then it will let you change these defaults so you can… Read More

Easy Access to Frequently Used Office Documents

Many Windows programs will keep a history of the most recently accessed files that you have opened within that program. This gives you a quick way to re-open files that you use… Read More
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