7 Basic But Effective Troubleshooting Technique for Your Computer

PC troubleshooting techniques for everyone   To many of us, our computers are like our best friends. We do so many things with them and have become very reliant on them. So,… Read More

Unexplained Shutdowns Can be Flukes or Something Far Worse

What is causing your computer to crash?   Whether it’s your car, your computer, smartphone or heaven’s forbid an airplane, there’s no worse sensation then the random, unexplained shutdown. For power computer… Read More


Are you old school, or new school?   When you turn on your computer, you expect to see if boot up into your operating system. That operating system may be Windows, Mac… Read More

Checking for Bad Hardware and Configuring Hardware

Not all computer problems are software related. Hardware can go bad as well and can even be bad right from the store. Hardware problems can often be more difficult to diagnose since… Read More
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