NAS vs. SAN Network Storage

There has been some debate for years about which type of network storage is the best way to go. It will depend on your environment just like most computing decisions. Here are… Read More

Using nbtstat to Find a Computer Name

Have you ever wanted to know what computer belongs to what IP address? This information can come in very handy when trying to troubleshoot network issues or see if there are devices… Read More

Mapping a Network Drive

Mapped drives are used with networked servers and computers allowing you quick access to a network share on another computer without having to browse to that share each time you want to… Read More

How to Access the Administrative Share on Networked Computers

When you allow users on your network to see files on hard drives of other computers in the network you normall setup what are called shares. Shares can be thought of as… Read More

Using PathPing

PathPing is a network diagnostic utility that comes with Windows which combines the ping and tracert command into one tool. PathPing will show you details of the path between two hosts like… Read More

NTFS Special Permissions

With NTFS permissions, you can assign special permissions to users or groups. Special permissions provide more of a customized unique level of permissions for your files and folders. Here are the NTFS… Read More

What is Ethernet?

Ethernet is a standard of network communication using twisted pair cable although coaxial cable was used in older versions of Ethernet. Ethernet was developed in 1973 by Bob Metcalfe at Xerox. It… Read More

Using the Nslookup Command

There are many command line networking tools that you can use to do various things from checking the connectivity of hosts on a network to finding out IP information about your computer.… Read More

The Difference Between Straight and Crossover Ethernet Cables

Ethernet cables, or as many people call them networks cables are used for data transmission between devices on a network. They consist of a cable with 4 pairs of wires connected by… Read More

Enable Telnet in Windows

Telnet is a terminal emulation protocol used from a terminal or PC to log in to a remote computer and run a program or execute other commands over a network. Telnet lets… Read More
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