Change the Default Office Save Options

Microsoft uses default open and save options for its Office programs just like they use default fonts and styles for their Office documents. For most people this is ok and they will… Read More

Configure the Windows Screensaver Slideshow

Windows has had built in screensavers since the beginning of Windows and if you have ever played around with them you might have noticed that you can configure a slideshow screensaver that… Read More

Unblock Restricted Outlook Attachments

Allow Needed Blocked Outlook Attachments Microsoft Outlook by default will block a variety of file times from your email in order to try and protect you from downloading something you shouldn’t. But… Read More

Create a RAID 1 Mirrored Drive Set in Windows

Learn How to Create a RAID 1 Mirrored Drive Set RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) is used for drive and data redundancy as well as drive performance. There are many levels… Read More

Export your Microsoft Outlook Calendar to a File to Share

Share your Micosoft Outlook Calendar with Other People Nowadays it’s all about sharing information and everyone is connected to everyone else and all your data is “in the cloud” but there are… Read More

Finding and Viewing your Saved Web Browser Usernames and Passwords

We have video instructions for all the above browsers that you can check out here. Internet Explorer Microsoft Edge Google Chrome Mozilla Firefox Anyone who uses a web browser to browse the… Read More

AD (Active Directory) Photo Edit Free

If you are an IT admin at place that uses a Microsoft Windows Active Directory domain then you might have the need to import employee pictures into Active Directory so they can… Read More

Creating a VM in Oracle’s VirtualBox Virtualization Software

If you have been working in the field of IT even for a short period of time I am sure you have heard the term virtualization and most likely know what it… Read More

CPU-Z Hardware Information Utility

Unless you are the type that builds your own computers you may have no idea what type of hardware you have inside of yours. Then again you might not really care! Sure… Read More

Sophos Home Free Antivirus

When trying to keep your computer safe it seems that there are way too many options to choose from when it comes to antivirus software. Of course there are the big players… Read More
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