Screen recording for Windows, Android and Mac

How to Record Your Screen on Different Devices

We all know how to take screenshots on our devices. But do you know how to capture videos from your screen? From time to time, you might need to record a video… Read More

The Dos and Don’ts of Home PC Backups

Are you keeping your important files backed up?   PC Backups can sometimes save your marriage, especially if you have all the baby photos safely backed up. If you don’t back up… Read More

Create a Transparent Background for an Image Using Microsoft Paint 3D

Get rid of those pesky backgrounds in your images   Photo editing is a very common thing that people like to do using their computers and if you are into graphic design… Read More

Record Your Screen From Your Browser With RecordCast

Record your screen with no additional software to install   There are so many things that the browser can do now. In many cases, it even replaces the software, and even the… Read More

The Best Uninstaller Tools For Windows

Get those pesky programs uninstalled!   Uninstalling several programs at the same time on a smartphone is not a surprise for a long time, but Microsoft has not yet added such a… Read More

5 Apps Every Student’s PC Should Have

Make learning a little bit easier with these helpful apps   The days when students took their notes with a pen and paper are long gone. Or when they planned their week… Read More

Best VPN For Mobile – Find a VPN that suits you

Which VPN is right for you? Mobile phones have become part and parcel of our everyday lives in the past decade as they have become faster and easier to operate. The importance… Read More

What Do You Need to Know about iBoysoft Data Recovery for Windows?

Are you prepared for a hard drive crash?   Most people in today’s world prefer to keep a treasure trove of important files digitally stored, including vacation pictures, working documents, financial spreadsheets,… Read More

Change Your Windows Explorer Quick Access and Recent Files Settings

Do you want Windows to mind it’s own business?   Do you hate it when Windows thinks it knows what’s best for you? When you go into Windows/File Explorer you might have… Read More

Unexplained Shutdowns Can be Flukes or Something Far Worse

What is causing your computer to crash?   Whether it’s your car, your computer, smartphone or heaven’s forbid an airplane, there’s no worse sensation then the random, unexplained shutdown. For power computer… Read More
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