Securing Your New Computer

Security is key when it comes to your personal data!   Whether you received a new computer as a gift from Santa, or you bought it yourself, now is the perfect time… Read More

Computer Troubleshooting Tips and Tricks for Students

How good are your PC troubleshooting skills?   Students face multiple difficulties when they study. Most of them are solved using their own strength and knowledge. Some of them are solved thanks… Read More

Cleanup Old Windows Installation Files

Free up that space used by Windows OS upgrades While browsing the files on your computer you might have noticed that you have a folder called Windows.old underneath your Windows folder. Then… Read More

How to Stop Automatic Reboots After Windows Updates

  Microsoft is continuously releasing patches and updates for Windows, Office and other products that they sell. Most people use Automatic Updates to download and install these updates and simply let their… Read More
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