Find How Long Your Computer Has Been Running (Uptime)

How long has your computer been running?   Most of us leave our computers running 24 hours a day and when we do that, things start to slow down thanks to memory… Read More

Group Scopes for Windows Server

Unlike group types, which are fairly simple to understand, group scopes can be frustrating to those new to working with Windows Server and Active Directory. The scope of the group identifies the… Read More

Enabling and Using Shadow Copies on Windows Server

Microsoft offers a nice feature with their server operating system called Shadow Copies that makes it easy and quick to get a previous version of a file or folder without having to… Read More

Disable the Shutdown Event Tracker in Windows Server & Check Shutdown Events

If you work with the Server versions of the Windows operating system I’m sure you have noticed that you can’t shut down or reboot your server without telling Windows why you are… Read More
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