How to Hide the Date and Time on the Windows 11 Taskbar

How to Hide the Date and Time on the Windows 11 Taskbar

When Windows 11 first came out, the first thing many of us wanted to do was customize the interface so we could make the operating system work the way we wanted it… Read More
Windows 7 Style Start Menu on Windows 11

Bring Back the Windows 7 Style Start Menu to Windows 11

Now that Windows 11 has been out for some time, people are starting to take note of all the things they either like or don’t like about Microsoft’s latest operating system. One… Read More
Windows 11 Right Click Context Menu

Add the Windows 10 Style Right Click Context Menu to Windows 11

  If you have been using Windows 10 for some time and then made the switch to Windows 11, you might have noticed that there are several things that are different when… Read More
Win+X Menu Editor

How to Edit Your Start Button Right Click Menu Items (Win+X)

If you consider yourself a Windows power user, then you probably know about many of the not so obvious features that are included in Windows that allow you to perform the same… Read More
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