Record Your Screen From Your Browser With RecordCast

Record your screen with no additional software to install   There are so many things that the browser can do now. In many cases, it even replaces the software, and even the… Read More

Are Your Chrome Credentials Secure?

Are Your Chrome Credentials Secure? Many people like to store their website passwords within their browser so they can be auto filled when you go to the site, so you don’t need… Read More

How to Clear Cookies for Only One Website in Google Chrome

Clear Out Those Unwanted Cookies in Chrome   Website cookies are used with your web browser to store data on your computer related to that website. They are small files that are… Read More

Configuring and Using the Microsoft Edge Web Browser

Microsoft Edge Web Browser for Windows 10 One of the most popular things that any computer user will do is browse the Internet. In fact sometimes that’s all certain people will use… Read More
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