The Virtual Machine Appears to Be in Use” Error

How to Fix the VMware Workstation “The Virtual Machine Appears to Be in Use” Error

If you are running VMware Workstation for your virtualization platform and your host computer reboots, you might find that you have trouble opening or starting a virtual machine after opening VMware Workstation… Read More
VMware Workstation KVM Mode Shortcut

VMware Workstation KVM Mode

Virtualization is not a new technology, but it is a great way to do things such as test out different operating systems or test out software without risking causing issues with your… Read More
Create a Virtual USB Drive in VMware Workstation

Create a Virtual USB Drive in VMware Workstation

  Virtualization allows you to use the physical hardware on your computer (the host) as virtual hardware for your virtual machines (guests). This way its easy to add or remove hardware on… Read More
VMware Workstation VNC connection port number

Remotely Control a VMware Workstation Virtual Machine Using VNC

Virtualization is all about being able to run multiple computers with varying operating systems and software configurations. This way you can test various things without worrying about causing your main computer any… Read More
macOS on VMware Workstation

How to Install the Apple macOS on a VM in VMware Workstation

One of the best things about virtualization software such as VMware, Hyper-V, VirtualBox, Parallels etc. is that you can create virtual machines to test out new operating systems and software without needing… Read More

How to Change the DHCP Range for VMware Workstation Virtual Machines

  When you boot up a VM within VMware Workstation, it will automatically be assigned an IP address unless you have configured that virtual machine to have a statically assigned IP address.… Read More

VMware Workstation Virtualization Software

VMware Workstation works by mapping the physical hardware resources to the virtual machine’s resources using the virtualization layer. By doing this, the virtual machines have their own CPU, memory, disks, and other… Read More
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