How to Schedule a Zoom Meeting From Your Microsoft Outlook Calendar

Easily schedule your Zoom meetings via your Outlook calendar   In these increased days of working from home or telecommuting you have most likely had a few or many Zoom meetings for… Read More

How to Block and Unblock Email Addresses in Microsoft Outlook

Take control of your Outlook junk mail   If you are like most people then you have experienced the wonders of getting countless spam (junk) emails in your inbox. Your email provider… Read More

Use Excel Slicers to Filter Your Data

As you probably know, Microsoft Excel can do much more than most people ever use it for but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try and learn something new because it might come… Read More

Booting a VM From an ISO File in Oracle VirtualBox

Mount an ISO Image File in a VirtualBox VM Oracle VirtualBox is a free virtualization platform you can run on your desktop computer that allows you to create virtual machines (VMs) that… Read More

Uninstall Unwanted Windows Apps

Get Rid Of Those Unwanted Windows Apps Starting with Windows 8, Microsoft introduced to the concept of apps which are applications you can use on the PC and tablet version of Windows.… Read More

Booting With the Windows DVD to Run Repair Utilities

Boot With Your Windows DVD To Repair Windows Problems Windows can be hard enough to troubleshoot when things go wrong most likely because there are so many things that can possibly go… Read More

Find Your Wi-Fi Password For Your Wireless Connection

Find Your Wireless Password With Ease Many of us have wireless modems or routers at home and share our Internet connection with things such as our computer, smartphone and tablet. And since… Read More

3 Ways to Rename your Computer

3 Ways to Rename your Computer When you install Windows you are normally asked to give your computer a name usually about the same time you are choosing your login name. But… Read More

Create a Windows iSCSI Storage Server and Attach an iSCSI Client

Create a Windows iSCSI Storage Server Microsoft Windows Server operating systems are capable of acting as centralized storage servers for other computers on the network much like having a standalone SAN (Storage… Read More

Windows Safe Mode and Recovery Options

Learn about Windows 10 Safe Mode and recovery options As Microsoft makes advancements with each version of Windows they tend to make changes in the way things are done and sometimes it… Read More
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