Windows Task Manager Dark Mode

The Updated Windows Task Manager App

If you are a Windows power user, then you have most likely used the Task Manager tool to view running programs and processes as well as end them when they are misbehaving… Read More

Find How Long Your Computer Has Been Running (Uptime)

How long has your computer been running?   Most of us leave our computers running 24 hours a day and when we do that, things start to slow down thanks to memory… Read More

Using Taskkill to Kill Stubborn ProcessesPrograms

Kill stubborn tasks that refuse to die with Taskkill Everyone who has ever used Microsoft Windows has had a program freeze up on there and if you say you have not then… Read More

Google Chrome Task Manager

Google Chrome is a popular web browser that many people use instead of or in addition to Windows Internet Explorer browser. Chrome uses processes to run things such as web pages and… Read More

Using Windows Task Manager

Computers are made to run tasks for you in order to let you get your work done more quickly and efficiently. But there may be times when you need to manage these… Read More
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