Access Your Smartphone From Your Windows 10 Computer With “Your Phone”

Use your computer as your phone!   When Windows 10 was released, Microsoft was set on making it their best operating system ever by packing in so many features that the average… Read More

How to Enable Shared Folders Between Your VM and Host in VirtualBox

Freely copy files between your VirtualBox host and guests   If you use any type of virtualization software such as VirtualBox, VMware or Hyper-V then you know how often you have to… Read More

Microsoft to Bring Back Optional Windows Updates

Windows 10 Optional Updates Coming Soon If you can remember the good old days of Windows 7 where we got to decide what patches we installed on our computers when it came… Read More

Windows Storage Management and Cleanup

Time For Some Windows 10 Spring Cleaning!   Windows 10 is the latest and greatest (and supposedly last) version of the Microsoft Windows desktop operating systems and it comes with many new… Read More

Hyper-V for Windows Desktop

If you work in the IT field you probably know how many servers an organization may have running in its datacenter and you might also know how much a quality server can… Read More

Configuring and Using the Microsoft Edge Web Browser

Microsoft Edge Web Browser for Windows 10 One of the most popular things that any computer user will do is browse the Internet. In fact sometimes that’s all certain people will use… Read More
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