Using the Microsoft Spreadsheet Compare Tool to Find Differences in Spreadsheets

Easily compare the differences between 2 spreadsheets If you work with a lot of Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, you might run into a situation where you have two versions of the same file.… Read More

Use Excel Slicers to Filter Your Data

As you probably know, Microsoft Excel can do much more than most people ever use it for but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try and learn something new because it might come… Read More

Lock and Unlock Microsoft Excel Cells

Protect your Microsoft Excel cells from being changed by locking them Microsoft Excel allows you to protect your worksheet from things like being viewed or changed so you can make sure only… Read More

Create a Microsoft Excel Drop Down List

Create a drop down selection in Excel to customize cell data Microsoft Excel is more than just a program to create lists and tables. It’s way more powerful than that but for… Read More

Finding Duplicate Cell Values in Excel

  If you are a serious Excel user and have huge spreadsheets with a lot of data in them then managing your data can be a real task. If you need to… Read More
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