Malware Bots and How to Get Rid of Them

  The bot is an internet robot that is also known as spiders, web bots, and crawlers. Many reputed websites are using bots to improve user experience. Basically, a bot is an… Read More

10 Tips to Make Your Computer More Safe and Secure

What can you do to make your computer more safe?   If you’re not an IT expert, you can’t change your computer the way you change your shirt, so the BBC has… Read More

How Can You Prevent Spyware and Adware

Being proactive is the first step to being spyware free   Spyware and adware are types of malware, which essentially refer to malicious software that can potentially harm computer networks and systems.… Read More

Securing Your New Computer

Security is key when it comes to your personal data!   Whether you received a new computer as a gift from Santa, or you bought it yourself, now is the perfect time… Read More

5 Ways To Check Your Computer For Malware

Do you think your computer has a malware infection?   How many times do you have to take your laptop or desktop to a technician for repairs? How many of those visits… Read More

A to-do Computer Security Guide for Students

Keep your computer safe while you are in school   Protecting your computer information is essential, especially in college. There are many hackers out there who wouldn’t have to do much to… Read More

Unexplained Shutdowns Can be Flukes or Something Far Worse

What is causing your computer to crash?   Whether it’s your car, your computer, smartphone or heaven’s forbid an airplane, there’s no worse sensation then the random, unexplained shutdown. For power computer… Read More

Should You Pay For Ransomware Or Not?

What would you do if your files were taken hostage?   Imagine one day that you open an email that looks like it came from Google and it invites you to click… Read More

8 Spyware Attacks and How to Avoid Them

Are you and your website safe from spyware?     WordPress is a big target for cybercriminals because about 35 percent of Internet sites are run on WordPress. If you’re one of… Read More

Windows Defender Security Center

Tweak your security settings in the Windows Defender Security Center We all know (or should know) how important it is to have antivirus software on our computer to help protect us from… Read More
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